There is no money in GladAfrica Championship – Mammila


Royal Eagles CEO Morgan Mammila admits that the KwaZulu Natal outfit might not be financially stable, but so are the other clubs in the GladAfrica Championship.

Yesterday afternoon Eagles suffered another defeat, losing 3-1 to Swallows FC at home.

According to two reliable sources at the bottom of the table, things are moving from bad to worse at Eagles when it comes to the finances with players struggling to even put food on the table or paying their debts, as they always don’t get their full salaries.

But Mammila says that shouldn’t be an excuse not to perform.

“You know anything that works towards the negativity of the team it affects the players obviously,” Mammila says.

“All I’m saying is my boys are fighting hard, they did fight against Swallows… I’m not going to talk about money because, I know plus – minus 17 teams including PSL teams that they’ve got problems of money.

“No one has money in this league, no one. But all teams are fighting. We are fighting like the other teams in the PSL but they don’t have money. There are coaches that have been coaching from left and right in other teams but they are not getting salaries. So you know money doesn’t buy success one thing for sure. We can talk about money for the next ten years but money doesn’t buy success.

“Ja so money does not bring results. It does not bring results,” he reiterates

“There is no money in NFD we all know that. There is not enough money in PSL we know that. The only teams that they’ve got financial muscles is Sundowns, Pirates, Chiefs, SuperSport, Wits – they can sign each and every player they want, money is not doing that (bringing results), it’s the quality of the players they have. So what’s the difference?”

Asked how are the players expected to perform on empty stomachs, Mammila responded, “There is no such thing of empty stomach. People when they are far from the team they come up with those kind of stories. But one thing for sure, we all swimming in the same problem in NFD, we are living from hand to mouth. So it’s part of life. We all don’t have what we want in life, all of us.

“Even so called teams that they talk about millions, I heard the players they do not get paid on time. Who are we then? This problem is for everyone, each and every company they got the problem of money…cost of living is too high. But that does not stop performance or talent, as I said money doesn’t buy success.”

By Musa Nhlapo


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