Scouting Profile: ‘Tera’ Maliwa


Thembela ‘Tera’ Maliwa has joined a strong contingent of cultured professional scouts who have been fully developed in South Africa.

His scouting journey is very exciting and interesting, and has seen him travel to Cyprus and Amsterdam in total pursuit of scouting knowledge and youth development excellence.

1. Ajax scouting prodigy

‘Tera’ owes his impressive scouting initiation to the famous Ajax Cape Town scouting programme.

He entered the Ajax scouting department in 2004 as a community scout with a strict mandate to scout talent in the broader Cape townships, and when the then Head of Scouting, John Rawley retired, Tera assumed the role as Head of Youth Scouting for the club.

2. First Touch

The programme called ‘First Touch’ that optimizes the ability to spot talented young players (with great passing and ball control superiority) between ages 9-11 years and with great potential was conducted by Maliwa and Maarten Stekelenburg.

The programme has delivered exceptional talent for Ajax throughout the years, and to date, its success remains the cornerstone of their youth scouting fabric

‘Tera’ with renowned Kaizer Chiefs scouting guru, Walter Steenbok.

3. Rivaldo Coetzee

He was instrumental in discovering Rivaldo Coetzee by organizing open trials in 2012. Coetzee arrived as a 14-year-old with his cousin and accompanied by his uncle.

Maliwa noticed the youngster’s technical proficiency, calm ball control and matured tactical understanding for a player his age.

Rivaldo has already played for Bafana Bafana and is now part of Mamelodi Sundowns’s stylish machinery.

4. Sundowns African scout

After completing his apprenticeship at both Ajax and QT Sports, Maliwa migrated to Gauteng to join the ‘Brazilians’ where he is tasked with the responsibility of unearthing important talent for the club.

Since 2018, Maliwa has operated exclusively in the African continent, where he has established crucial talent hotspots across the continent.

5. Conclusion

Maliwa has done well for himself since leaving Cape Town to join one of the most proactive scouting departments in the PSL, and if his talent is continuously oiled, expect him to flourish even more.

By FARPost’s Technical Study Group

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