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Robbie Fowler was one of a number of former Liverpool players who was quick to play down Timo Werner’s talents after the German forward had snubbed their former club and decided on a move to Chelsea.

And yet everyone seemed so keen on him when he was destined to move to Anfield – funny how that works. And we look forward to Liverpool greats saying the same about these players, but they’ll be wrong, just like they were with Werner. Here are five players linked with a move to Liverpool that would improve them…

Kylian Mbappe

Mbappe is one player that would improve Liverpool now, though some fans may quibble and say they’d rather have Sadio Mane or Mo Salah as it’s sometimes difficult to see that the grass can be greener. And while rumours of a Mane plus £200million swap deal for Mbappe are patently a load of hokum, the 21-year-old won’t be at Paris Saint-Germain forever. He’ll realise sooner or later what a vacuous existence that is and fancy a move to a genuine European giant.

Kai Havertz

We’ve already established that Havertz and Chelsea are a perfect match, but he’d also fit in very nicely at Anfield as they lack goals from midfield. Between them, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain-Chamberlain, Naby Keita, Jordan Henderson, Georginio Wijnadum, Fabinho and James Milner have scored 13 goals; Havertz has 12.

You could look at the table and the number of Liverpool goals scored and claim this is nitpicking, and to an extent you would be right. But sport is about marginal gains, tiny improvements here and there that could, for example, mean one of a number of chances missed by midfielders in a Champions League tie against Atletico Madrid could instead be tucked away.

There were signs that Keita could be the man to provide something different from midfield in Liverpool’s draw at Everton, as was pointed out in 16 Conclusions. But it feels like we have seen those signs for a very long time now, and it’s past the point when we need to see results from the frustratingly talented playmaker. Klopp may just be growing tired of waiting.

Kalidou Koulibaly

It would be a dream pairing. Imagine the Champions League music playing and the camera panning past Virgil van Dijk and then Kalidou Koulibaly – the strikers would be feeding on the scraps of the scraps.

Liverpool have reportedly offered £54million to Napoli for Koulibaly, with the Serie A club holding out for £90million. Manchester United and PSG are also said to be interested, as they always are. What is without doubt is that the centre-back will be leaving this summer; Napoli need the money and Koulibaly has had his eye on pastures new for over a year now.

Joel Matip, and even Dejan Lovren, look like decent players alongside Van Dijk, both of whom were widely castigated before the Dutchman’s arrival. Klopp never rests Van Dijk in the Premier League, presumably because he knows he can’t afford to; any pairing of his other centre-backs offers hope for opposition strikers that is simply non-existent when his man mountain is in the team.

Sign Koulibaly and that problem goes away.

Jadon Sancho

Mohamed Salah is a selfish footballer. Sadio Mane knows it, and we all see it frequently. Most of the time it doesn’t matter; more often than not, when Salah should pass the ball, he scores anyway. But the point is that if he did pass the ball, they would definitely score.

Sancho isn’t like that. This season he has 17 goals and 17 assists in the Bundesliga. He always has his head up and appears to take as much joy from providing as scoring, whereas whenever Salah provides for a teammate, you can be sure the next time he will take the shot on himself, like he’s building up good teammate points that can be cashed in later for attempts from impossible angles.

It’s unlikely Manchester United would allow Sancho to join Liverpool. Like with Havertz and Chelsea, Sancho would be ideal for United – they are in desperate need of a right-winger. But that should spell danger for Liverpool. As with Chelsea, United look to be compiling a young, attacking team that has a long-term future, one that will look pretty bleak for Liverpool if they continue to miss out on the best young talent in Europe.

Philippe Coutinho

Re-signing Philippe Coutinho would not be admitting to a mistake. The truth is that Liverpool would not have won anything if they had not sold Coutinho to Barcelona. The £130million made through his sale helped fund moves for Van Dijk and Alisson, players critical to their success.

But that also doesn’t mean they’ve been better off without him. The 0-0 draw against Everton was the perfect example of a game where Coutinho would have made a difference. How many times did the Brazilian make something out of nothing before he left Anfield? Collecting the ball up on the edge of the area before curling it into the corner, or picking a pass through a packed defence very few players would see, let alone execute.

Not having him has seemed like less of a problem than losing Eden Hazard has been for Chelsea, for example, because the improvements that were made possible because of his departure have had more of a positive effect than him remaining at the club would have done. But just like Chelsea, Liverpool have missed a genuine game-changer who doesn’t need his team to be playing well to come up with something extraordinary to win a game.

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