Amakhosi prominent fan Ngcobo feels Covid-19 effect


Kaizer Chiefs prominent fan, Thulani Ngcobo is missing football, badly and battling to adjust to life without it.

The Premier Soccer League (PSL) will not return until, at least June 30 but with the number of confirmed coronavirus cases increasing every day and President Cyril Ramaphosa announcing that a countrywide lockdown will come into effect on Thursday, Ngcobo expect the wait to stretch far longer.

“Coronavirus has affected me big time, as we all know that at Kaizer Chiefs we haven’t won anything in five years and this year we were looking forward to at least grab one trophy which is the Absa Premiership,” Ngcobo told FARPost.

“I think this virus is not going anywhere any time soon, chances are, by September or December this virus will still be there.“

“Our boys [Chiefs] played very well throughout the season to be where they are right now, number one on the log, leading with four points, ahead of every team so as a supporter I’ve been exited that my team at least this year we going to win the League and unfortunately towards the end as we see the finish line now coronavirus comes in and everything was dropped.

“We don’t know as supporters what is going to happen and when this virus is going to end. It is really affecting us. My life is to go to the stadium each and every weekend , each and every time my team is playing and now I no longer go there to the stadium to watch football , to watch my team playing, it is really painful and it is disrupting us as supporters,” he said.

The 39-year-old Chiefs follower is pleased with the decision taken by the PSL to suspend matches until further notice even though it is painful and difficult for him to live without the beautiful game.

“As much as it is hurts {PSL suspending games] and inconveniences us as supporters but then I think it is the right decision, not only for players but for supporters as well because we go to the stadiums and hug each other as we celebrate, laugh and take photos.

“It a decision that was bold by the PSL and Safa I am happy that they thought about the lives of people rather than any other thing, the sponsors might be complaining but it is about life and death.

“This virus doesn’t have physical symptoms , you can’t see a person who is affected by this virus so we can go and hug any supporter or any friend of yours at the stadium only to find out that you are contaminating yourself and you going to be diagnosed with that virus,” added Ngcobo.

“I applaud the PSL and Safa for taking this decision even though it affects us as supporters and I am willing to wait as long as when the League resumes, they won’t tell us to start afresh because we are where we are today because of our work hard as a team so I am very worried,” he admitted.

‘The Glamour Boys’ fan added that he doesn’t see the need for the League to be played behind closed doors as footballers, coaches and officials will be at risk.

“If referees and players can be infected that means coaches as well, all those players have their families, they can go and also contaminate their families.”

Since the government has advised the nation to stay indoors due to the virus, Ngcobo says despite not being a big movies fan, he finds himself on Netflix every day during this tough coronavirus outbreak period.

“I have to keep myself busy with something else, otherwise I will get bored, end up eating too much and spending  my money on thing that I didn’t even plan for so, is really boring , we cant even watch live football from England or any other country.

With the PSL stating that they are committed to finishing the season by June 30 but shall remain flexible, Ngcobo says the League title should be handed to Chiefs if it happens that the coronavirus continues beyond June.

“Even though it is not going to be fair to anyone , my opinion is that the PSL must just give the League to Kaizer Chiefs as the number one on the log because there is no other way, we can’t say they must start from zero

“My suggestion is giving the title to Chiefs and promote two teams from the GladAfrica Championship and don’t relegate any team, any we can have 18 teams just for a season and then the following season they can eliminate four teams. PSL has money, the sponsors are there,” concluded the die-hard Soweto giants’ fan.

By FARPost Reporter 

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