Barcelona players reject salary cut


Barcelona players have reportedly rejected a request from the club’s board to take a pay-cut as the club’s finances have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Spain have been heavily affected by the coronavirus and the country remains in a state of national emergency as it stands.

With no matches currently on-going, clubs’ finances all over the world have been affected.

Barca President Josep Bartomeu reportedly tried to convince the players to accept a proposal that, according to various publications, was somewhat more generous than the one made to the professional teams in other sections of the club, such as the basketball side.

The proposal under Spain’s temporary redundancy scheme would see all of the club’s professional teams lose 70 percent of their salaries while they are not playing during the State of Emergency.

However, Bartomeu is considering offering certain compensations to first-team players so that their reduction would not exceed 50 percent on the grounds that the first team are responsible for generating more income that than the other teams.

While the Barcelona players have rejected the proposal, the club has decided to exercise its legal right under the State of Emergency to apply the temporary redundancy even without the player’s approval.

By Ofhani Munyai

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