Bartomeu resigns as Barca president


Barcelona president Josep Bartomeu has called it quits, alongside some other members of management.

According to 90min, their decision comes ahead of the vote of no confidence Bartomeu was set to face at the start of November, with this vote being the major factor in the Barça hierarchy’s resolution.

The top managers of the club attempted until the last minute to get the Generalitat de Catalunya to rethink its idea of ​​authorising the referendum due to health concerns amid a rising coronavirus infection rate in the region, but the board remained intent on holding the vote. Bartomeu confirmed the news to the media on Tuesday night.

His comments, as relayed by SPORT, read: “I am announcing my resignation and that of the rest of the board of directors. It is a considered decision, calm and agreed by all my colleagues.

“We have received the response from the Generalitat and their response is clear; there is no legal and health impediment to prevent the vote on the motion of censure if the PROSICAT requirements are included. They have ignored our requests to have the logistics prepared with the minimum necessary security measures.

“In my appearance yesterday I spoke of my perplexity at some decisions. Today, I say that apart from being contradictory, they are irresponsible.”

On not resigning before now, he added: “After elimination in the Champions League, the easiest thing was to leave, but decisions had to be made. It had to be done in the midst of an unprecedented global crisis. A manager with limited functions couldn’t do it. Who would have signed a new coach? Who would have defended the continuity of Leo Messi?

“We made uncomfortable and unpopular decisions. We had no reason to resign with an election in March and work to do. It has been hinted that we had hidden interests, things to hide and that we wanted to avoid endorsing. False accusations, with political and electoral interests.”

He went on to admit that the club will need to proceed with wage cuts or face a “very serious situation”, and remarkably signed off with a bombshell.

“We accepted to enter a European football club super league. This acceptance must be ratified by the next assembly of delegates. We have approved the format of the new club world cup,” he added, though he did not confirm whether this would potentially alter their participation in La Liga.

Bartomeu has been under intense pressure at Camp Nou after overseeing one of the most turbulent seasons in the club’s recent history; one that included an 8-2 European humiliation, two managerial departures and Lionel Messi’s infamous burofax.

The 57-year-old’s decision will undoubtedly satisfy the vast majority of Barcelona supporters and, seemingly, most of the playing staff.

With Bartomeu out the door, the club can now firmly set their sights on moving into a new era.

By Tiyani wa ka Mabasa

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