Bayanda Zondi: The SA teen rising in Spain


In recent years South Africa has seen a large pool of youngsters making moves abroad at a very young age and starting to make a name for themselves in foreign lands.

One such example is Bayanda Zondi.

Born in Johannesburg in late 2003 the youngster had an opportunity to move abroad at a very young age. FARPost‘s Prince Sobayeni catches up with the starlet who is back home for off season to hear more about his journey thus far with Barcelona-based academy Kaptiva Sport Academy.

PRINCE SOBAYENI: Hey Bayanda how are you doing?

BAYANDA ZONDI: Afternoon Sir I’m good hope you good too, it’s a pleasure thanks for having me and it’s great to finally meet you.

PRINCE SOBAYENI: It’s a pleasure too, so tell us about how a kid from Johannesburg ended up in Spain at such a young age?

BAYANDA ZONDI: It all started when I was 5 years old at Robertsham playing with the under 7s and I won player of the year every season there. Then when I was 7 we moved to Honeydew, I was playing for Randburg FC in 2010 until I was 9 then we moved to France for two years. I started playing at the local club, but amazingly in the the second year when I was 10 I was scouted by PSG whom I ended up playing for shortly before we had to relocate back home again – that saddened me because I had a great opportunity. When we moved back to South Africa I was playing at Randburg FC again until June 2018 which is when I was when I got scouted to play in Spain by Kaptiva Sport Academy which is based in Barcelona.

PRINCE SOBAYENI: Amazing story bro so was the process of joining Kaptiva smooth or difficult, how did the trials start?

BAYANDA ZONDI: I went to a Barcelona camp in Spain and they were scouting players for Kaptiva and I was amongst the 12 from all over the world that got scouted to come over.

PRINCE SOBAYENI: That’s great man such things should give you motivation to be amongst the 12 best players at the time, how has the experience been though in Spain?

BAYANDA ZONDI: It’s truly been an amazing experience. I’ve really enjoyed these two seasons I’ve been there so far – I’ve grown so much as a player but as well as a person too.

PRINCE SOBAYENI: Yeah that’s the advantage of getting out of your comfort zone you grow and challenge your potential beyond limits, but what do you want to see yourself achieve in a few years to come as a player?

BAYANDA ZONDI: I would like to see myself playing professionally, continue with my studies in University at the same time and making my family and loved ones proud while doing the thing I love doing the most which is playing football. My long term goals are making it as far as I possibly can playing in the highest leagues in the world doing the best that I can personally as a player. I dream to make South Africa proud putting us on the map and hopefully represent the nation as well. Representing South Africa at any level is a dream of mine since I started playing the game of football, but most importantly I just want to enjoy the whole journey as a whole.

PRINCE SOBAYENI: Earlier you had mentioned that you had interest from other academies as well going into next season can you tell us more about that?

BAYANDA ZONDI: Yeah I have three offers on the table at the moment from other academies in Spain who have seen my performances and want me to join them, namely the B1 Academy, BCN Pro Academy and SIA/ Porto Dragon Force VLC Academy they have all made me offers, but my focus is firmly on Kaptiva for now.

PRINCE SOBAYENI: That’s amazing, surely you have great things coming your way bro all the best. Enjoy the rest of your holidays and thanks for chatting to us.

BAYANDA ZONDI: Thank you so so much for talking to me we will keep in touch thank you for the support guys.

*Zondi will be returning to Spain when the academy season resumes as he enters into his final year with Kaptiva Academy to continue his development and his beautiful journey that he has traveled so far – FARPost will be keeping tabs on his progress with the Barcelona based academy.

By Prince Sobayeni 

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