Bayern reserve number 10 jersey for Man City winger


It used to be the case that shirt numbers didn’t really matter, but they’ve almost become a brand or an identity in themselves.

We hear stories about players demanding certain numbers while the squad number at some clubs can carry a greater meaning depending on who wore it in the past, so it can be a big thing for some players.

The Mirror have reported on the latest with Bayern Munich in their quest to sign Leroy Sane from Man City, and this gesture does seem significant.

They suggest that Bayern have saved the number 10 shirt for him next season – the number was previously worn by Arjen Robben and it’s currently in the possession of Philippe Coutinho.

This seems to be a clear sign that Bayern have no intention of bringing the on loan Barcelona man back next season, so it will be interesting to see what happens with Sane.

The report goes on to point out that Bayern haven’t agreed a deal for him yet, although he only has one year left on his Man City contract, so that does make it sound more likely that he might move.

He’s also working his way back from a serious injury, so it could be a risk for Bayern to spend a lot of money on him before seeing him back in action.

Time will tell if Sane does make the return to Germany, but it certainly sounds like Coutinho is done.

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