Betway steps in yet again in community development


Arguably one of the most visible brands, Betway South Africa continues to play a pivotal role in the development of our communities.

This time, the online sports betting company will be sponsoring this year’s Soweto Spectacular tournament, to be played at University of Johannesburg’s Soweto Campus on February 15.

This is where some of the country’s future football stars would emerge.

“I think Soweto Spectacular is something that has been abuzz,” Betway SA’s Marketing Manager David Rachidi shared in a conversation with FARPost at the launch at UJ.

“Soweto, the region itself, is key and important for us from a trademark point of view, and we felt we could get involved in this exciting tournament.”

The battle takes centre stage next month with Aston Villa out to defend their crown from the inaugural tournament in 2018.

The other participants will be Khenza FC, who will clash with Aston Villa in the first semi-final.

Meanwhile, Mamba FC and Sneke Chillas FC will face off in the second semi-final, in what promises to be an entertainment-filled tourney.

The winner will take home R10 000, with the runners up settling for R3 000. The losing semi-finalists will not go home empty-handed, getting R1 000 each for their respective efforts.

Rachidi continued: “The tournament gives us room to engage with our various customers that are based here in Soweto. It’s always important for us as Betway to be a part of unearthing talent and there is no better way for a sporting brand like ours than being part of assisting the guys with things like kit that they use for the tournament.”

Betway would also have an activation on the day whereby people would actually engage with the brand.

“It’s about us helping them understand our platform and what we have to offer as Betway,” stated Rachidi, who was involved in the draw.

“The local tournaments are big in their own way. The crowds that they draw is over 10 000. They’ve unearthed talent that ended up in the big football leagues in the country and the reason for us, as a brand, we felt the need to get involved is that we want to assist in unearthing talent at grassroots level. We want to be involved from their early ages.

“From a strategic and brand point of view, it’s quite important that our brand is known on the ground; a brand that is always available (to the community),” added Rachidi.

By Tiyani wa ka Mabasa

at University of Johannesburg, Soweto Campus

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