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Black Arrow (FC), the US-based platform dedicated to the intersection of soccer and black culture, has joined forces with Italian football giant, AS Roma, to announcethe release of a 30-minute documentary that will be published and distributed by COPA90.

The film, aptly titled Naija to Roma, was shot in Lagos, Nigeria and Rome, Italy and is an inspirational tale of how football can touch the lives of people in the most improbable ways and unite cultures that are seemingly worlds apart.

COPA90 is the home of global football fan culture and specializes in football stories that go beyond the pitch, connect to real people, and illuminate how football is the universal language, which perfectly describes the theme of the first major project released by filmmaker and founder of Black Arrow, Aaron Dolores.

The official trailer for Naija To Rome will be released on Saturday April 10th, on the 3-year anniversary of the historic comeback that AS Roma made against Barcelona in the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League, a victory that sent shock waves throughout the football world and became the impetus of the epic pilgrimage cinematically captured in this film.

Naija To Rome takes us 2,500 miles away to Lagos, Nigeria and introduces us to a Nigerian radio host named Mark Otabor, whose ebullient commentary on the comeback victory went viral on Twitter and caught the attention of the Roma staff.

This set off a chain of events (which included the Roman club supporting the Nigerian National team during the 2018 FIFA World Cup and the partnership between Black Arrow and AS Roma) that would eventually lead to Mark receiving a phone call that would change his life forever. He was invited to travel off the African continent for the very first time in his life to attend an AS Roma match. What he didn’t know was that he wouldn’t just be attending any ol’ match day, he would be attending a match of historic proportions. In the film, Mark finds himself standing on the pitch in the Italian National Stadium to witness club legend Daniele De Rossi’s very last match with Roma after 20 years with the club.

In Naija to Rome, Aaron Dolores, Black Arrow cinematographer, Emmanuel Afolabi and editor Allan Mykitta bring their intimate and authentic approach to storytelling, while simultaneously giving audiences a front row seat to the streets of Lagos, the church bells of Vatican City, and the chants of Roma’s Curva Sud.

As part of Black Arrow’s continuous pursuit to integrate black culture and football content, the film is set to the soundtrack of Afro-beats, with music exclusively coming from the renowned Nigerian rapper, Phyno.

The film was released on Tuesday April 13th at 8AM UK exclusively on Copa90’s YouTube page. Contact


Black Arrow is the first platform in the world that focuses on the
intersection of soccer and black culture. Powered by authenticity and driven by creativity, we employ soccer as our medium to tell impactful stories and create cultural experiences.

We give black soccer players and fans – for the first time in sports media – an opportunity to tell our own stories and craft our own narratives within the world’s biggest sport. Founded in Oakland, California, Black Arrow is also committed to introducing and bringing the game of soccer to the African American community in the United States, while internationally, utilizing our shared love of the beautiful game to (re)connect the African diaspora.

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