Sodi takes Baroka to SAFPU


On-loan Baroka FC midfielder Tebogo Sodi has taken his case against the Limpopo side to the players union, SAFPU.

According to the union’s secretary general Calvin Motloung, Sodi joined GladAfrica Championship side Swallows FC from Bakgakga on a season long loan deal in August last year, and both clubs agreed to share paying his salary.

Motloung says Sodi is now being given a run around by the two clubs as neither want to take the responsibility of paying him what is due to him.

“Remember Tebogo Sodi was loaned to Swallows at the beginning of the season. He was supposed to go back to Baroka at the end of this season in June, “said Motloung.

“He played the games he scored two, three goals somewhere there, he was a regular, but they just terminated his contract, he was not paid his salary in January.

“Who is supposed to pay him? Baroka was paying half and Swallows paying half of his salary.”-Motloung. (Pictured, Sodi)

“That was the agreement between the two teams. So, Swallows terminated without consulting with the player, without any apparent reason. When he goes to Baroka, Baroka doesn’t want to pay.

“Baroka says as far as we know you are a Swallows player. The club is now saying they are terminating the contract, whereas the boy has a four-and-a-half-year contract. It will end in 2023. So, we are taking the matter.

“Now we have been trying to get hold of Baroka, we just can’t. He signed a five years contract with Baroka. There’s a loan agreement that we are in possession of, “added the players union’s secretary general.

Contacted for comment, Baroka chairman Khurishi Mphahlele said the club is not owing the player anything.

“We’ve loaned him until the end of the season not for six months. If Swallows no longer wants him, he must go, he mustn’t come back here we are terminating. He failed to fulfill his contract with Swallows.

“Us we don’t owe that guy anything. We loaned him to Swallows, and now if they are no longer on good terms, if he failed at Swallows should he come back to us? Just because of the loan? no, “said Mphahlele.

“We are terminating with him because he is not good. He is not good he is lazy. Yes, he is lazy. The remaining years in his contract doesn’t matter, years doesn’t mean someone shouldn’t work, “said a frustrated Mphahlele.

“The remaining years are for working…that guy is not working. Let the union people work for him if they can.

“If you fail to do your job, we fire you, even if you can have five years. I told him that we are terminating that boy, here I terminate, I give him a two-month salary so he can go and look for another job.

“And we didn’t release him alone, we released him and some few players, why is he special? In January we terminated with six players, he is the seventh. The others have gone on to join other clubs, but him because he knows he’s useless, he’s starting to talk too much, “concluded Mphahlele.

By Musa Nhlapo

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