Boipelo Mashigo: Four years in Germany helped me a lot


Leaving your family at the age of 13 is not an easy decision but it was a decision that 16-year-old Boipelo Mashigo had to take at a very tender age when an opportunity came for the left-footed winger to join  DFI academy.

DFI had trials in South Africa in 2015  and he was the only player who was picked to go develop his craft overseas.

Mashigo was part of the SuperSport sport academy playing until the U-13 level before making the switch abroad to Germany.

Mashigo played for DFI academy for two years before German third-tier side Unterhaching came calling for him and he has never looked  back since.

The winger explains to FARPost how moving early to Europe has helped him.

“It was difficult at the beginning but with time I got used to everything here which helped me become a better player everyday getting the best training from top coaches and training with world class facilities.”

For a foreign player to earn German citizenship he has to have been in the country for five or more years in the country something Mashigo is close to achieving already.

“Yes, I will get my European passport at the end of this season because I will qualify for citizenship. I’ve been here for almost 5 years now which is good because when I turn 18 in 2021 I can move anywhere in the world,”said Mashigo

“I obviously didn’t think of this before but now that I’ve been made aware of the importance of the European passport I’m really excited.”

“It takes a lot to adapt to the weather, the diet and the culture but because I started everything much earlier this is home away from home for me. This is home away from home for me,”concluded Mashigo.

By Prince Sobayeni 

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