Botha Msila no longer going to stadiums


South African football prominent supporter Botha Msila has decided to take a break from going to football Stadiums due to fatigue.

The man who claims to have started following football while he was still in his mother’s womb, says his doctor has ordered him to take a break from attending Premier Soccer League matches, until 2021.

“Through the trip I took to Egypt (for the Africa Cup of Nations), I have felt that I need to go back and thank God for being on my side for my trip to be successful,” Msila told Robert Marawa on Marawa TV.

“But it’s not that Botha is no more in football, I watch football from home. So for me to sit at home I just wanna regain more energy, strength and power, and comeback like nobody’s business.

“You know some of my fans, they would always call me, ‘my bro why can’t you just come and be amongst us’, I would say bafethu, you don’t understand…I even went to the doctor and he said, ‘Botha you need to rest, I was having a stiff neck, it was difficult for me to turn but the doctor said ‘my bro please man rest enough, you are not resting. And then it’s gonna kill you…people would see me Robert in the game singing, but (by that time) I’m having a headache, I swear.

Botha Msila during his hiking trip to Egypt, but couldn’t make it by road. He later returned to SA and took a flight.

“And the doctor says to me ‘Botha you must relax my brother, you are not relaxing’. So I was forced to take a break and relax enough.”

By Musa Nhlapo

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