Brazil FA to pay women’s and men’s national teams equally


In a groundbreaking move aimed at gender equality and levelling the playing fields, the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) announced on Wednesday that their national women’s soccer team will earn the same as their male counterparts for representing the country.

CBF President Rogerio Caboclo said the federation informed the women’s team and coach Pia Sundhage of its decision in March.

“The CBF has equalled the prize money and allowances between men’s and women’s football, which means the women players will earn the same as the men,” said President Caboclo.

“Since March of this year, CBF has made an equal value in terms of prizes and daily rates between men’s and women’s football.”

Picture: Brazil Women’s Football Team.

Caboclo went on to reveal that equal pay is “part of the journey of transformation” towards equality in football.

“That is, the players earn the same thing as the players during the calls. What they receive by daily call, women also receive. There is no more gender difference, as the CBF is treating men and women equally,” he added.

“What they will gain by conquering or by staging the Olympics next year will be the same as the men will have.”

Brazil are one of the few countries to raise awareness about gender inequality in sport. Australia, Norway and New Zealand are amongst the nations that pay their men and women internationals the same amount.

Meanwhile, in South Africa, equal pay for Banyana Banyana and women in sport, in general, remains a pipe dream as most women players have to hold down jobs off the pitch to make ends meet.

The United States women’s national team has been involved in an equal pay dispute for years and the USWNT players recently appealed a judge’s dismissal of their lawsuit over pay discrimination based on gender.

The judge had ruled that the women’s claim that they were being paid less than the men was not enough to warrant a trial.

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By Tokelo Martin Mokhesi 

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