Caf beef up medical officers amid Covid-19


The Confederation of African Football (Caf) now has sixty (60) COVID-19 medical officers, whose role is to enforce the International Match Protocol during FIFA / CAF competitions. Trained by the Development Department and the Medical Committee, CAF’s COVID-19 Medical Officer performs their work on match days and non-match days to ensure the integrity of the game players.

Role of the COVID-19 Medical Officer

1) Regarding the teams (day before or morning of the matchday)

  • Contact the Match Commissioner and the CAF Security Officer with a view to ensuring proper coordination of activities
  • Request from the organizers the provision on the matchday of four (4) controllers of the COVID medical arrangements: two (2) in the stands and one (1) at the entrance of each locker room
  • Contact the two teams’ doctors and discuss the match medical conditions
  • Contact local medical officials in charge of emergency care
  • Ensure the wounded evacuation circuit and reception medical centers
  • Verification of the PCR Tests schedule: Ensure that the program is fully respected for players and staff (see Appendix)
  • Checking the availability of players’ medical files: PCMA + for all players and additional examinations for players who have been infected (PCR +) or in whom specific symptoms have appeared (See Annex)

2) Regarding the Stadium on match day

  1. a)     Checking availability of all the elements described in the chapter on the organization of emergency care for players and officials, particularly
  2. Defibrillators
  3. Emergency and evacuation equipment
  4. b)     Checking availability of ambulances, stretcher-bearers and their equipment (see Annex)
  5. c)     Focusing with team doctors and emergency care managers
  6. d)     Update with the Match Commissioner and the CAF security officer: Information on the gaps
  7. e)     Implementation and instruction of the COVID Controllers made available

–        Strict application of the Protocol concerning access to the stands and the field.

–        Strict application of distancing measures, the wearing of masks and the use of hydro-alcoholic gel

–        Identify recalcitrant individuals, advise them to abide by the rules and possibly report them to members of the security service

  1. f)      Establishment of a report on any event relating to medical issues during the match

CAF Medical Officers must set a report on the CAF form, which will be sent by email the day after the match. (See OMC file – match report)

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