Capricorn Football Foot Soldier


The beauty of the game is nourished by the sweat and commitment of many men and women in our townships.

They put their egos aside and resort to the total emancipation of football development and its broad agenda. Some are celebrated, honoured and immortalized, whilst others are hardly mentioned in the corridors of success in South Africa.

FARPost as a publication of the masses, with a clear mandate of celebrating excellence amongst our people, pay a resounding tribute to SAFA Capricorn Football Foot Soldier, Coach Ike Pula.

1. Who is Coach Pula?

Isaac Ramakalela Pula, simply referred to as Coach ‘Ike Pula’ was born and bred in the Ga-Setati Village on the 19th October 1957 in the Limpopo Province. As a teenager he played for the local teams in the area and attended school at Seshego High School.

He was then swayed to football development and coaching by the beauty of the game as displayed by various teams and his inner desire to nurture young players in the province.

2. SAFA Coaching and Training

His passion for the holistic understanding of the game and his dire love of the development of the Limpopo child, led him to SAFA Coaching Education.

Over the years he has attended numerous coaching and instructors courses to uplift his football knowledge and capacity. Amongst the certificates he has include:

• SAFA Introductory Coaching Course in 1997
• SAFA Level 1 Coaching Course in 2001
• SAFA Level 2 Coaching Course in 2007
• Attendance Certificate: FIFA Instructors Coaching Course in 2016.

3. Regional Technical Officer (R.T.O)

The National Association’s technical development programme had an initiative to allow all provinces to have Provincial and Regional Technical Officers (P.T.O & R.T.O). Their duties and responsibilities were to facilitate and coordinate coaching and scouting activities within their areas.

Coach Pula played an active role alongside the Limpopo PTO like Raymond Mdaka to ensure that the work of the association is fulfilled at all levels.

4. Sundowns Provincial Scout

The success of the Mamelodi Sundowns Scouting team in the Limpopo Province, has Coach Ike’s signature written in yellow and blue.

As the focal point and critical contact in the province, Coach Ike has ensured that the Brazilians receive the best talent. He travels across the whole area covering Local Football Association (L.F.A), Regional Third Division, ABC Motsepe League and Schools Football. Some of the players he identified and now playing in the professional set up include:

• Keletso Makgalwa (Sundowns senior team)
• Thendo Mukumela (Cape Town Spurs)
• Cassius Mailula (Sundowns Diski Challenge team)

5. Provincial Selector and Coach

Coach Pula represents a few talented individuals who has the ability to coach and scout. He has been a regional and provincial scout and coach for the past 20 years in Limpopo.

He has overseen a successful selection and participation of the Limpopo Under-19 and SAB League Under-21. Amongst his success in the few tournaments include:

• SAFA Limpopo U21 from 2012-2014 ended 4th position
• SAFA Under-21 from 2012-2014
• Limpopo U17 Provincial Coach and Champions 2018
• Current Limpopo U21 Provincial Coach.

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