Chiefs & Pirates blown away by iconic cars


The most iconic moment in South African football has finally arrived.

Vodacom has presented Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates with the restored versions of the Kentucky Rounder (Toyota Twincam GLI Sprinter) and Gusheshe (BMW 325i e30).

These iconic cars embody the spirit of each club and the true spirit of a Sisonke Siya Winna campaign that has captivated the hearts of local football fans.

The leading players and officials from Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates stood in awe as they looked at the finished product of a project that began with Vodacom’s brief to LA Customs in the first week of December 2020 to rebuild these two iconic vehicles in the colours and style of these two iconic clubs, and which will then be given away to a lucky fan from each club.

At the exclusive reveal of both of these cars to their respective clubs, it was immediately evident that the fans who will win these classic cars are going to be the envy of the biggest names in South African football.

Jessica Motaung, the Marketing Director of Kaizer Chiefs, was astounded at how perfectly Vodacom and the refurbishment team at LA Customs managed to capture the spirit of Kaizer Chiefs in this vehicle.

“It is absolutely amazing. It is so representative of Amakhosi. Anybody who wins this car is really going to enjoy it because it’s just so beautiful. It’s been great working with Vodacom to do something that gives back to our supporters in this way.”

And at Orlando Pirates, the sleek black Gusheshe drew just as much admiration from their leading players and officials at the official reveal of the vehicle.

“What a great initiative from Vodacom. Everyone loves the Gusheshe, and the design of this particular car is just so beautiful. I wish I could own one,” said Orlando Pirates captain Happy Jele.

“This car represents Orlando Pirates. It’s a classic and it demands respect. And when I hear that engine, it makes me feel exactly the same as when we’ve just scored three goals as a team.”

Orlando Pirates legend Edward “Magents” Motale knows the Gusheshe intimately, having owned three of them in his life. And yet this particular Gusheshe blew him away.

“Everything about it is so authentic, and the engine is just fantastic. It sounds phenomenal. This car is exactly like Orlando Pirates because it demands loyalty. If you loyally look after a Gusheshe it will reward you. And as a team, Orlando Pirates is the same. It has loyal supporters. But this car demands performance, just like Orlando Pirates.”

For Abey Mokgwatsane, Vodacom Managing Executive for Brand Marketing and Communications, these two iconic cars represent that spirit of togetherness that has always united South African soccer fans.

“This campaign is all about the fans and unlocking the passion they have for this sport and these two teams. The Gusheshe and Kentucky Rounder are two of the most iconic vehicles in Soweto culture, and we’ve matched them with two iconic football clubs that are also a product of this Soweto culture. But these are not just football clubs. They are two of the biggest sporting brands in the world. And similarly, these are not just cars. They are a culture. We’re proud to have been able to make that connection between fans and their teams through these unique cultural icons.”

At the time of their peak popularity, these cars captured the heart of a nation and the pride of football loving South Africans.

Now, decades later, Vodacom has combined the spirit of the past with the passion of the present.

And the future of each vehicle is just waiting for the right person to turn the key.

To watch the reveal of these icons, click on this link –

To stand a chance to win one of these incredible vehicles, fans from both teams simply need to follow @VodacomSoccer to get more details or click the link –

Entries close on 1 June 2021.

Kaizer Chiefs fans will get to double their entries when they connect and recharge with KC Mobile and for Bhakajuju fans, all they have to do to double their entries is to download the Orlando Pirates Official App.

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