Comitis: Clubs mustn’t sell their key players


Cape Town City chairman John Comitis says small clubs must not sell their key players especially those clubs struggling with sponsors.

He said selling key players will be a big loss for small clubs and it will benefit the big teams in next transfer window.

“If you want to sell, somebody has to buy, that’s the reality. There are only one or two clubs that money isn’t an issue for them under this condition of Covid-19. And there’ll be so many players available in the next window,” Comitis told Sowetan.

“I don’t think it’s going to be a seller’s market [the next transfer window]. When you had hopes of getting R3m for a player, you’ve to adjust your thinking because you might get nothing [meaning the big guns could dictate it],” he added.

However, Comitis insisted that he will hold on to his key players.

“At this stage, what we are trying to do is to keep all our best players, I think everyone is trying to do that. The sooner we go back, the less damage will be done. It’s fine to sell your players, but we have to remain competitive,” Comitis said.

“Every club will look at how to keep their best 16 players and look after them. We won’t be able to have a luxury of having 23 players with experience. Adjustments need to be done”.

On the other hand, Baroka chairman Khurishi Mphahlele says he will also not sell his players to boost their finances.

“At the moment we are financially fine. We won’t sell our best players after coronavirus. We will balance our books by not renewing the contracts of under-utilised players, whose contracts expire at the end of the season,” Mphahlele said.

“At this, the only expense we have is salaries, so our situation is better. We are hoping it won’t change for the worst.”

Mphahlele stated Baroka have started trimming their squad by releasing four players; Tebogo Sodi, Kamogelo Mogaswa, Ranga Chivaviro and Mogau Khwinana.

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By Boromo Mokoena

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