Concerns over poor officiating directed to Safa


The frustration of poor officiating in South Africa has not gone unnoticed in the lower leagues, especially when it costs a team crucial points.

Though it has been a story of every match in the top flight football, in the ABC Motsepe KwaZulu-Natal League it has left many astonished and speechless.

With the second leg of the league already in motion a lot of teams have bemoaned poor refereeing, which has affected a lot of people involved in the beautiful game.

Milford FC coach Asanda Mvalo would rather focus on playing against the opponent and the officials, since he reckons it’s normal to witness poor officiating in the league.

“That’s not for me to say, at some point we were deprived of three clear penalties, players handling the ball in the box. Referees didn’t see that according to them they see nothing wrong with that, it’s normal for them.

“I am not gonna talk about them (match officials) because they know what they want, they know what they are doing that’s their job, if they do the right thing it’s up to them,” he said.

“But remember we need to be carefull in what we are doing because this is grassroots football, that’s where the national team should get players from,” added Mvalo.

Meanwhile, Durban FC goalkeeper Senzo Dludlu has called on football governing body in the country – the South African Football Association – to take lower leagues seriously, by acting on irregularities of officials.

“For South African football to develop and move forward, I think they need to stand up and put their house in order, because professional players start here.

“Since this (ABC Motsepe League) is a semi professional league anything goes, know one pays attention to how these action affect the teams,” said Dludlu.

Muzi King Masters coach Phelelani Mpangase,  whose goalkeeper almost got injured in a match sounded in a moment of despair, because he believes nothing will change.

“No one is trying to sort it out, our players are not protected on the field, but whenever we try to tell the officials about the fouls they give us red cards.

“I know it’s a man’s game but officials must protect our young players and their decisions must be fair,” said Mpangase.

By Wonga Sirayi

FARPost’s KZN Reporter

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