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Every official tournament in the world, be it the UEFA Champions League, FIFA World Cup, both CAF Champions League and Confederations Championships, always have qualified individuals working in their Technical Study Group (TSG).

Today, FARPost’s own TSG department dissect what the actual TSG is and what it does at all the official tournaments.

1. What is the TSG?

The TSG is a group of individual experts who are charged with the duty of analyzing the technical, tactical and trends emanating from the tournament. Their cumulative work results in a technical report that sets out to explain the tournament happenings from all the angles beneficial to the game.

In essence, they perform this function at all tournaments, be it men’s , women, youth or senior, at regional, continental and international stages.

2. Technical Report

Like any other championship, the COSAFA Region has enlisted qualified and trusted men and women to deliver the technical report. This report is designed to outline the following areas:

• Technical level of the participation teams

• Tactical application of all teams with specific interest on the individual, group and team tactics

• Emanating trends (new or consistent) developing from the tournament

• Individual performers emerging from the tournament (top goal scorer, best goal keeper and player of the tournament)

• Strengths and Weaknesses from players and teams for future development

3. Members of the TSG

In the last two editions of the COSAFA regional showpieces, i.e 2020 COSAFA Under-17 and Under-20 Championships, the following expert individuals were part of the TSG:

A. Phera Ratlhankana (SA)
• SAFA Instructor
• CAF Instructor
• SAFA Free State Technical Director

B. Wilson Mutekede (Zimbabwe)
• ZIFA Technical Director
• CAF Instructor

C. Leah Sweetness Masango (SA)
• Provincial Technical Officer in the Mpumalanga Province
• CAF Instructor

D. Gaironissa Daniels (SA)
• Former Banyana Banyana player currently doing her C License
• As part of the women’s empowerment and development of local people she was part of the TSG team.

4. Players selected

In the 2020 COSAFA Under-17, Mduduzi Shabalala (SA) and Joseph Banda (Zambia), were selected by the TSG as the two players going to Spain for their development programme.

Whilst in the 2020 COSAFA Under-20, the TSG selected the Kabwe Warriors and Zambian playmaker, Prince Mumba as the Best Player of the Tournament. Mumba will be going to join Villarreal FC in Spain on a week-long trial.

5. Tournament Best XI

Critical to their function is the provision of the Tournament Best XI. The Best XI is a prestigious award that seek to acknowledge the very top performers in a championship.

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