Dabeka Sporting FC deny clearance allegations


With just one week after the conclusion of the ABC Motsepe KwaZulu Natal League, stream B runners up Dabeka Sporting FC are in the news for wrong reasons.

This came after a post on Facebook about some players and officials who were allegedly treated unfairly by the team.

A lot of players were not eager to speak with the media about the matter, fearing for their careers and lives.

One player who hails from Free State, Tshidiso Mosese revealed to FARPost that indeed he was not treated well at the team.

Mosese left the team and he was denied his clearance, but he is hopeful that SAFA will intervene and resolve the matter.

“I’m at home now in Free State, I left the team because they don’t treat us well, there are a lot of issues there, problems my brother.

“I just decided it’s my last season with Dabeka Sporting FC, they didn’t treat me well at all, I decided I’m leaving I’ll see what to do.

“They refused to give us our clearances, they are keeping them, when we went to them to request our clearances they refused to give us.”

“I’m hoping that SAFA will be able to help us, so that I can play next season but I’m not going back there,” said Mosese.

The club denied all the allegations, saying no player has come to request their clearance.

Team manager Skhithy Cele told this publication that they have released players in the past and there is no way they could keep clearances.

“As the manager of the club I don’t even have one player who requested a clearance from me, unfortunately I’m not on Facebook so I don’t know about that.

“This matter has not come to the attention of the club and it won’t affect us at all because our players are happy according to me.

“So nobody has complained about that to me, we are just waiting for SAFA to declare the next season so that we can start pre-season.

“We don’t stand in anybody’s way, we’ve released a lot of players. (Rankoko Stephen) Tau is playing for Free State Stars, there are lot of players that we released. Brown went to Summerfield Dynamos this season, we don’t hold on to players when they want greener pastures.

“We release players to go wherever they want to, there is no contract that states we must pay anyone in Motsepe League, you can even ask SAFA,” concluded Cele.

By Wonga Sirayi

FARPost’s KZN Reporter

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