Dagga company wants Nou Camp naming rights


Mike Tyson’s business partner Alki David says naming Barcelona’s Nou Camp after their cannabis company is “an amazing idea”.

Barcelona announced on Tuesday they would sell naming rights to the stadium for the first time and donate the revenue to fighting coronavirus.

David wants to acquire the rights, name the ground Swissx Stadium after his and Tyson’s company “and provide plant medicine products in the concessions”.

“It’s a great stadium,” he said.

And he told BBC Sport: “It’s something we’ve specifically been looking for to adopt in our company and it seemed like an amazing idea.

“My company is a cannabis company and Spain has a long tradition within the European Uunion as being a leader or a liberal in the road towards legalisation, so it’s evolved quite naturally.”

The Spanish champions have given the title rights to the Barca Foundation, who will find a sponsor for the 2020/21 season.

Barca’s stadium – which is known as Camp Nou in Catalan – has never had another name since opening in 1957.

When asked whether he felt aligning with a cannabis company could be a risk to the club’s reputation, David added: “That remains to be seen. The world is born on ideas.”

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