DEBATE: Is this a goal or no goal?


The Fifa Laws of the Game are critical but are often neglected in terms of educating the football fans.

Considering this, FARPost posted the following video on its social media platforms on Sunday and drew different responses.

Is this a goal or no goal?

Well, what do the rules say in this situation?

Post/Crossbar Rebound

If the ball hits the post or the crossbar and continues in play, without touching the goalkeeper, the penalty taker cannot touch the ball again. However, any other player, including his teammates, are allowed to pass or kick it. The original kicker is only allowed to touch the ball again after it touches any other player, even if it’s unintentional.

Shootout Rebound

During a penalty shootout, there’s no rebound. This means that if the goalkeeper saves the kick or the ball hits the post/crossbar and stays inside the field, the kicker isn’t allowed to touch the ball again. The goalkeeper, otherwise, is allowed to touch the ball to prevent it from rolling into the goal.

What about this one below in what was a shootout?

“The penalty kick is completed when the penalty stops moving,” explains PSL referee, Victor Hlungwani.

“If the referee is certain the ball stopped moving, then a goal will not be awarded. But if the referee is not sure the ball stopped moving then he would give a goal and argue that the ball was still moving,” he added.

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