Desportivo fans buy “virtual ticket” to assist club financially


Die-hard supporters of Grupo Desportivo Maputo decided to carry out a fundraising campaign for the team while the new Mozambola season is being played behind closed doors, as a result of the measures adopted to face the Covid-19 pandemic.

It is an unprecedented initiative in Mozambican football and the gesture comes in response to alleviate the financial difficulties that the club is going through, and which may be aggravated in the face of the lack of revenue from the ticket office.

The initiative has already resulted in the raising of 25 thousand Meticais (R5 101,47) resulting from the purchase of “virtual tickets” by more than 200 members, fans, and supporters of the “alvi-negro” club.

“It all starts when the heart suffers to see Desportivo go through critical situations that do not reflect the greatness of the club,” said Baptista Mourona, mentor of the initiative.

“So, I decided to develop this initiative in order to convince most fans to embrace this cause, that’s why I tried to formalise with the direction of the club.

“And then mobilise the participation of supporters on social media platforms, especially in WhatsApp groups and by the way everything is going well so far, 251 tickets have been purchased for the first matchday.

For the Management Committee of the club, this initiative will help to reduce the weekly expenses for the main football team, and it will serve to cover some basic needs for the daily preparation of the oriented team.

“We praise the initiative of the members of Grupo Desportivo Maputo to contribute to the well-being of Desportivo, as you know the club is in a not very bright situation,” Mário Dique Agostinho, GDM Secretary-General.

“We are lacking in funding, we have no advertising and the initiative of the members we think was very good and we thought they could continue, we are contacting partners to see if they can help us, we have already solved the transport and fuel problem and we are waiting for more support to get out of this situation.

It should be noted that the Desportivo Maputo supporters intend to carry out this campaign for the duration of the measures implemented by the Mozambican Government, which decided to hold the games of Mozambique in camera.

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