Dolphins manager comments on controversial 16-1 scoreline


Dolphins FC team manager Molokai Eric Lehong has finally spoken out on their 16-1 win against Makotopong Brazil in the Limpopo ABC Motsepe League.

The results of the encounter were not captured due to pending submissions of reports from all role players during that fixture.

A day after the match was played, Safa Limpopo issued out a statement citing that the results might lead to an investigation with serious consequences if foul play is established.

“I don’t know why our 16-1 winning results against Makotopong Brazil are not yet captured,” said Lehong in an interview with Energy FM last night.

“We haven’t enquired yet from the league why our results are yet to be captured and I don’t know what their mission is.”

Meanwhile, provincial league chair of chairs Mighty Tjale says rumours of match-fixing between The Dolphins and Makotopong Brazil are without merit since no evidence was brought forward to prove that there was any foul play during that game as there is no rule in football which states how many goals a team can score in a game.

“The results are not yet captured into the official league table because we are still waiting for a referee’s report,” stated Mr Tjale, pictured below.

“A referee’s report is expected to reach my desk within 48 hours of the game and I still don’t know why it hasn’t reached me because the game was played last week.

“On Thursday, the league table will have to be finalized.”

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By Mauwane Raophala

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