Drogba offers his hospital as COVID-19 treatment centre


Former Chelsea star Didier Drogba has offered his hospital in Ivory Coast to be used as a COVID-19 treatment centre, as the country prepares for a huge jump in cases.

Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak four people have died and 533 cases have been registered in Ivory Coast.

The hospital that is based in the city of Abidjan opened in 2016 and is named after former Ivory Coast footballer Laurent Pokou, who passed away in the same year it opened.

Drogba has been recognised for his patriotic gesture from Vincent Toh Bi Irie, the head of Abidjan’s regional council, who said the hospital will help them fight the disease.

“We thank Drogba for this gift considered as an act of patriotism,” Toh Bi said.

The first case of coronavirus was recorded in the country on March 11 and since there have been 574 people diagnosed with the virus and five have died.

The Ivorian’s hospital is part of the Didier Drogba Foundation that was set up by the former Chelsea striker to provide financial and material support in both health and education to people across Africa.

The current outbreak of COVID-19 has remained manageable across Africa, however, there are fears the deadly virus is about to spread much more rapidly.

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By Ofhani Munyai

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