Duo ‘desperate’ to play for Bafana


FARPost.co.za caught up with Yorkshire City legend Andy Mc Millan, whose kids are “desperate” to play for SA.
The legendary footballer who played profesional football for 15 years has since taken a step as a professional football coach.
Andy McMillan is also the father of England born duo Max McMillan(16) of Leeds United and Alex McMillan(20) of Ytterhagdal in Sweden and the legend had a chat with us about his sons following in his footsteps.
Asked about how the journey began for his boys he told SAFA, “The boys have always been interested in football from a very young age. From the moment they could walk they had a ball always kicking a ball around and if they were indoors we gave them balloons so they did not do any damage in the house”.
“The boys are both desperate to represent South Africa so it would be great for them. I will be extremely proud of them if they represent South Africa.
“We are very proud parents that allow them to follow their dreams. I’ve played pro football for over 15 years and involved in coaching for 15 years now so it is great for them to follow in my footsteps and play too”.
By Prince Sobayeni

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