Ekstein: What are you talking about?


Pule Ekstein says he doesn’t know anything about his contract being terminated by Azerbaijan club, Sabah FC.

The club’s official website confirmed this morning that their contract with Ekstein, signed six months ago, has been terminated by “mutual agreement”.

Many FARPost followers expressed shock because with 16 appearances, 3 goals and 4 assists, they thought Ekstein has been doing well.

So what could be the reason for the termination?

FARPost.co.za has got some answers from the horse’s mouth, Ekstein and he’s shocked to find out his contract has been terminated.

In fact, Ekstein insisted during our conversation that there is no such thing.

“I don’t know anything ka daai ding (this thing)… I don’t know anything about it,” Ekstein told FARPost.co.za.

“I saw it (on their Instagram page) and when I phoned them, they said they don’t know anything about it… that’s why I’m surprised.”

FARPost put it to Ekstein that the information is on the club’s official website and he responded, “Maybe they hacked their account, I’m not sure, but I don’t know anything about my contract being terminated.”

Ekstein said he came back to South Africa yesterday for the festive break.

Sabah, who have lost three consecutive games, will play their next match on January 1.

The former Kaizer Chiefs midfielder signed a two-year contract when he joined the club six months ago.

As far as Ekstein is concerned, that contract is still running.

“It’s obvious that if a contract is terminated you get the papers and there are no papers,” Ekstein insisted.

Palesa Mkhize, right, couldn’t comment because he’s no longer Ekstein’s business manager. “We parted ways last month,” said Mkhize.

By Tiyani wa ka Mabasa

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