Eswatini Premier League advised to revise schedule


The Eswatini Sports and Recreation Council has urged sports associations, including football, to re-examine and make alterations for their upcoming events.

This comes after Minister of Health Lizzie Nkosi announced 200 more cases from 1 442 test results, the highest numbers confirmed in a single day.

Media Officer Dumisani Ntiwane said sporting activities that were not a priority should be cancelled and emphasized that it was risky to continue with some of their activities as the covid-19 second wave was hitting hard.

“Let us not risk our lives in the name of sport. We also need to think about the lives of people, who can be in danger,” says Ntiwane.

“Even important meetings should be done virtually. Associations can also communicate through social media platforms to prevent gatherings and being in close contact.

“Yes, sport is a good thing and it has a lot of impact in someone’s life but we need to be vigilant and do the right thing, even if we think we are following the rules and precautions, but at the end of the day we found that even those who follow the protocols are being infected,” he said.

Denver are currently on top of the Eswatini Premier League after two rounds of matches.

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By Ofhani Munyai

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