Eswatini referees abandon plans for boycott


Premier League of Eswatini match officials have abandoned their plans to boycott the MTN Premier League games.

Officials were left disgruntled after their allowances were taxed, for the first time in the league’s history.

Referees Association chairman Sipho Kunene said there was never a plan to boycott MTN League matches but they had grievances touching on taxing of allowances that are currently being sorted at EFA executive level.

“As head of the association, along with our executive we remain the only people who can give a go ahead to a boycott. The issue of taxes is something that is currently being discussed at EFA executive level and as we speak, there is a special meeting on the referees grievances,” Kunene told Swazi Observer.

In different interviews, referees confirmed an earlier plan to boycott matches until they were refunded what they claimed was due to them.

Speaking independently on condition of anonymity, a member of the Premier League of Eswatini (PLE) felt there was a great need to educate referees on tax issues as a means to comply with the country’s laws.

Kunene added that, as planned, MTN Premier League matches will go ahead this afternoon as they await the resolutions of the EFA executive meeting.

Three MTN Premier League matches will be played across two venues this afternoon.

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