Eswatini taken to FIFA by former officials


Former Eswatini football Association (EFA) Technical Directors Myengwa Sibandze and Fritz Seilbea have taken the EFA Ethics Committee to FIFA seeking redress, challenging the nomination exercise for the upcoming presidential elections.

The two feel the nomination of the candidates meant to stand for EFA elections were unconstitutional.

Sibandze and Seilbea, who are club chairmen of Zinyane All Stars and Mbabane United, respectively, want FIFA to nullify the nominations and election process.

“We are duly registered soccer clubs in the Kingdom of Eswatini (formerly known as Swaziland). This is a complain (sic) emanating from the disenfranchisement in the ongoing election of the executive committee of EFA,” wrote the pair in a letter to FIFA.

“The election process is undertaken in terms of the EFA constitution, but it is conducted against peremptory provisions of the very statute. This year 2021 is EFA elective year and it was duly announced by the EFA for the positions in the executive committees of the EFA. Our complaint is that the General Assembly and the subsequent election process has not by any means involved us as per the dictates of the EFA constitution.

“The delegates, who participate in the nomination process, do so in the name of the EFA being the clubs, whereas they do not have the authority and legitimacy to do as they were not elected by the clubs to act in any capacity of the delegates.

“In fact, it is the executive committee of the regional associations and other members who have clothed themselves with the tag delegates,” reads the letter.

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