EXCLUSIVE: FARPost chats to Enock Mwepu


While taking time out due to the international break Zambian midfielder Enock Mwepu caught up with FARPost to look into his career so far including his best moments on the field.

Mwepu went through the ranks of Austrian giants RB Salzburg where he has been dominating since breaking into the first team a few seasons ago and the 22-year-old feels more players from the African continent should take the same route.

“In Africa we lack so many things that can help us make progress and build massive careers, but here everything is secure; from the training equipments, marketing, players’ personal brands grow once you play at a high level,” said Mwepu.

“Secondly the more a player plays with elite players the more the chance of improving and developing his game because you have to up your game looking at the competition you get to find here. It’s also about how teams overseas prepare contracts for players. It’s mind blowing than that side (in Africa).

“Teams here will make sure they work on simple things like your mentality and nutrition which are so essential in the game. They will educate you more as a player about being a professional player with massive discipline,” continued Mwepu.

“Here football is taken as a business so the clubs do good business as long as you have a running contract with them, but sometimes you never see those kind of things in most African countries,” he told FARPost.

Mwepu recently played in the UEFA Champions League for Salzburg as they took on English champions Liverpool at Anfield something which he holds dearly to his heart.

“Playing at Anfield was the best ever feeling that I have ever felt in my football career, it was a dream come true because from my childhood I’ve been supporting Liverpool. I was happy and I’m still very happy that I played there and looking forward to joining them one day.”

Mwepu is currently one of the most highly rated young players in Austria having been consistent throughout the years for Salzburg who recently won the Austrian Bundesliga and the midfielder feels that it’s all about consistency with performances every week.

“It is very important to be consistent week in week out because it puts me in a good spirit to play every game ahead. Consistency helps one to mature more and to be a leader in the team – it helps me to gain a lot of experience and confidence,” he concluded.

Mwepu is part of a large pool of Zambian players who have moved abroad at a young age and seem to be the generation that will take Zambian football back to the top.

The midfielder won the 2017 U20 AFCON when Zambia hosted it and later went to the World Cup where Zambia was knocked out in the second round. Currently he is with the senior national team playing as a regular in the middle of the park.

By Prince Sobayeni 

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