Football can unearth untapped opportunities – Kuhlmann


Mariental mayor Adam Kuhlmann has said that tournaments such as the ongoing MTC NFA Cup are pivotal drivers of the local economy.

Kuhlmann believes that competitions can go a long way in creating countless opportunities for traders in the informal sector of Namibia’s economy if well-executed.

The mayor went on to hail the Namibia Football Association (NFA)’s decision to take the games to various towns across the country and in the process unearth untapped opportunities.

For the residents of his town, mayor Kuhlmann said the benefits that came along with the MTC NFA Cup were immense and the town’s vendors made great use of the opportunity.

“It brings business to the town because the small businesses will make profit and that is a big boost to the local economy of Mariental. You can see people have come with their stalls to sell goods,” he said.

“It generates money for our local business people. It also allows them to showcase their businesses in terms of what they specialise in and all that, so it’s a very good undertaking by the football leadership to bring the games to other towns such as Mariental,” he added.

Not only did the competition provide business opportunities, but Kuhlmann said youngsters from the town also got to witness firsthand some of the country’s top teams and players in action and that will inspire them to continue chasing their dreams of becoming world-class footballers.

“Such events are also very important to see big teams in action, it encourages local young talents to be scouted by the bigger clubs and our many youngsters also gain inspiration by watching their idols in action right in front of them.”

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