Football helped me avoid peer pressure, says Ndlovu


It is every player’s dream to make it big in football, like playing for big teams and representing their national teams.

For Faith Ndlovu who plays for Ixopo Ladies in Sasol KwaZulu Natal League, it’s for totally different reasons.

The Ixopo Ladies utility player decided to get busy with football to avoid being wayward in her life.

The 32-year-old told FARPost that playing football helped her avoid substance abuse and mixing with wrong crowds.

“I played football to avoid a lot of things that face teenagers, like smoking. I decided to play football so that I can be disciplined and stay out of trouble,” she said.

“Since it’s our first time in the Sasol KwaZulu Natal League it’s not easy, we’ve not clicked as a team. But there is improvement because each and every game we’re improving, I hope that next season we’ll do much better.”

“If you want to succeed in this league I have learnt that you must take instructions from the coaches, have respect and forget about other stuff,” said Ndlovu.

After struggling in the first four matches of their maiden season, Ndlovu was instrumental for her side and they thumped Durban University of Technology 6-0, in their first win of the season.

“Our win against DUT means we worked hard with determination and I can see some improvement in our team. We worked well and I hope we’ll do better in our next game.

“We just need to keep on winning, if we can win our next two matches then we’ll find our rhythm as a team. We need to move away from the position that we are occupying on the log.

“We also need to take our chances and score more goals, teams are scoring in this league so we need to score as much as we can,” concluded Ndlovu.

By Wonga Sirayi

FARPost’s KZN Reporter

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