‘Football is like riding a bicycle’


Mamelodi Sundowns have adopted the worldwide trend amongst sporting teams by participating in Virtual Training Sessions and coach Pitso Mosimane is positive amidst the current Lockdown state South Africa finds itself in.

Several injured players are also being monitored closely and their rehab is being tracked daily by the Brazilian medical team.

“It also allows my team to monitor what the boys are doing. This is the best situation ever, given the current circumstances. Everyone around the world is doing this at the moment.”

The Coach is also realistic about his expected outcomes of the home sessions saying;

“It would be different if we all had the same equiptment, like a spinning class. The Tour de France boys are training using virtual reality and that helps them a lot.”

“It’s different in football because you can’t play or train standing in one place.”

The technical team have also started introducing various drills to the sessions, not just focusing on fitness.

“Today we have introduced footballs into the players’ sessions. The weather did not allow us to do what we wanted to fully, because we had designed a drill with juggling and skills.”

When asked what he thought the return to action would look like from a player fitness point of view, he said, “anyone in our position in the world will not have match specific fitness. What we are focusing on currently is on strength and coordination.”

“Football is about turning, jumping, stopping, acceleration, so we cannot get that level of training. So we will need time to adjust to match fitness, once the PSL resumes.

“We need to be back on green grass, in order to train match situations. All the clubs in our position will not come back the same. We will have to work for it.”

The coach however remained optimistic that his boys would return and be ready to maintain his tempo and push hard in the final run to the league title.

“Football is like riding a bicycle, you don’t forget.”

By Mamelodi Sundowns

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