French clubs vote against League expansion


A big blow for Bongani Zungu’s Amiens SC and Toulouse as 75% of French clubs have voted against the expansion of the French Ligue to 22 teams next season.

This comes after the French league had been immediately canceled by the French Ligue 1 board because of the ongoing corona virus.

Paris Saint Germain were crowned champions while Amiens and Toulouse were relegated – a decision the clubs challenged in court.

The court ruled in Amiens and Toulouse’s favour saying the decision to relegate the two clubs was “unjust and arbitrary” and therefore proposed that instead the board must look at a possibility of expanding the league to 22 teams with the two clubs included, but last week the board voted against the expansion and on Tuesday the clubs put the nail in the head on the matter with 75% voting against the expansion.

It remains a battle that Amiens President still wants to take back to court – only time will tell what the final outcome will be.

By Prince Sobayeni

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