Frustrated Chiefs fans make their demands heard


Thousands of Kaizer Chiefs supporters were expected to gather outside the club’s famous village in Naturena, Soweto but it wasn’t to be as only a handful of them attended the march on Friday morning.

The poorly attended march was led by a number of volunteers – organisers including Papi Mosothoane, known as Master P on Twitter.

Mosothoane, who marshaled the proceedings read and handed over the three-paged lengthy memorandum to the Chiefs management that consisted of Jessica Motaung, Kemiso Motaung, and Kaizer Motaung Junior with Bobby Motaung nowhere to be seen.

Fans clamoured for team manager, Bobby, who was missing in action. The Amakhosi faithfuls believe he is the man who holds the club’s purse strings and responsible for recruiting players.

Several passionate and frustrated Chiefs fans could be heard shouting: “Uphi uBobby?.

The memorandum entailed demands that ‘Amakshosi’, who are in the midst of their sixth campaign without silverware need to bring in a better class of players and start a women’s team.

The Soweto giants followers have called on Kaizer Motaung and the Chiefs Board to heed and address the following demands:

a) Restore the club’s lost playing philosophy and status as a big club.

b) Supporters demand a squad overhaul as promised by the club  – address the lack of quality and depth in the team.

c) Fans demand a development of a vision to conquer Africa and consistently build a team for this purpose.

d) Demand the club to work on cultivating good relationships with the Premier Soccer League (PSL) and second division teams.

e) The Chiefs faithfuls want the effective utilisation of the football scouting department.

f) There has to be a concerted effort to develop players not only for the club but for the overseas market.

g) Chiefs must play its role in the development of women’s football by forming a women’s team to compete in the Safa National Women’s League (SNWL) as early as the 2021/22 season.

h) The chairman to account to the supporters through various media platforms.

j) The club to prioritise its primary business which is football.

i) The club should appoint a General Manager whose mandate should be to insitututionalise accountability of all operational functions towards the board and ensure equitable allocation of resources.

k) Fans demand the club to finalise the issue of supporters’ membership cards which has been outstanding for several years.

l) The clubs needs to be mindful about when and how it transitions senior players out of the club. Honour some of these senior players.

Mosothoane, Master P is optimistic that the Chiefs management will listen and meet their demands, making it clear that the club could not make promises but that the protestors’ pleas had been heard.

“We are welcoming you here in the spirit of Love and Peace [Chiefs’ slogan] because you are here because you are really passionate and love this team,” said Jessica Motaung, addressing the supporters.

In an interview with FARPost, Mosothoane – Master P from Orlando in Soweto said: “We have tried to reach the management everywhere to no avail but because we know where the club is based and we have been crying for over six years now, we decided to march to Naturena to tell the club leaders how we feel and how we want to bring the club back to its greatness.”

Full Video of the Memorandum by the Kaizer Chiefs fans

By Tokelo Martin Mokhesi

at Naturena, Kaizer Chiefs Village

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