Gift Links: I am concentrating on buying properties


Gift Links from Vryburg in the North West province started his professional career playing for Platinum Stars at the age of 17 in South Africa’s top-flight. His family later moved to Kanana, a dusty township adjacent to Rustenburg when he was young.

Links has proven that he is a wise head on young shoulders on and off the pitch.

Now 21, the South African Under-23 international and Denmark’s Superliga club Aarhus GF midfielder has stated that investing in property is his number one priority.

“I don’t know whether to say I am lucky or what because I met Mr Paul [Mitchell] and I met Keagan [Wasserfall], they always give me advice on what to do and on what not to do,” Links told The South African Football Journalists Association (Safja).

Paul Mitchell is Links’s agent and the Siyavuma Sports Managing Director (MD). 

“I am one person who doesn’t like cars, people they normally ask me ‘what car do you drive’ and I would tell them that I am not into cars, I am concentrating on buying properties because properties will pay money,” said Links.

“But if I buy cars, I might buy a car today and it gets smashed but if I take that money and buy property, I know at least that I will be getting something in return and because I know where I come from, families are struggling and I will take this amount of money and donate it or put in onto my foundation and back home they will help were they can,” added the former Cape Town City winger.

The attack-minded star has set up a foundation to help the less fortunate – those affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Through his foundation, Links is planning to assist families affected by the deadly virus.

“I have something on my mind, I haven’t taken a decision yet but I have just told myself that if the corona thing continues then every month I will be helping maybe 100 families like I did last month, so that’s my plan,” – Links. Picture: AGF.

“I bought my parents a house last year February, so I am happy, now I am looking forward to buying apartments, as many as possible because I had a chat with Mr Paul and he advised me to buy one in Cape Town and maybe this year I might get one or a few so we will just see what happens,” concluded Links.

According to, the benefits of investing in real estate are numerous. With well-chosen assets, investors can enjoy predictable cash flow, excellent returns, tax advantages, and diversification—and it’s possible to leverage real estate to build wealth.


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Adrian Goslett, chief executive officer (CEO) of RE/MAX of Southern Africa highlighted the fact that research and knowledge of the market play a significant role in any investment scheme.

“The investor will need to take into account factors such as location, type of property, phase of the market cycle and future appreciation potential,” said Goslett as quoted by

“While seeking advice or consulting with professional financial advisers may come at a fee, the cost of taking action without being well informed and prepared will be much higher.

“Obtaining sound council from an experienced, seasoned property investor or financial adviser could be the difference between financial independence and losing vast amounts of money unnecessarily,” added Goslett.

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By Tokelo Martin Mokhesi 

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