Give women football attention like men, says Miya


Playing in the Sasol KwaZulu Natal League has been an eye opener for many players, the competitiveness and attention also hypes the game.

For Alunga Miya, who plays for Ixopo Ladies, it is a stepping stone to her dream of playing for Liverpool women’s team one day, but she believes it’s high time that they also get much attention as men.

The 17-year-old revealed to FARPost that some of the challenges they face as women in football are discouraging.

“Most people don’t like the idea of females playing football, to them football is for men only and we are suppose to play netball.

“We always get teased and judged and others look down upon us when we go to training just because we are females in men’s sport.”

“I think ladies football should also get as much attention as men’s football, after all we all equal so the attention they give to men should also be reciprocated to us females,” said Miya.

With her team currently struggling, the Ixopo-born player believes it’s a matter of time and more learning for them before they change their fortunes.

“Everything is not going according to our plan, we haven’t been at our best but hopefully we’ll be able to improve and be better, I believe once we turn things around we can be able to finish in the top three.”

“Individually I want to get better, my dream is to play for Liverpool FC one day and represent my country. So it starts here, we need to work hard,  we need to pay attention and our goals will be achieved,” added Miya.

By Wonga Sirayi

FARPost’s KZN Reporter

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