Golden Horse Ladies defender asks for support after 26-0 thrashing


Golden Horse Ladies defender Odwa Mgcina was left speechless after her side lost 26-0 in the Sasol KwaZulu Natal League match against fierce Sunflower WFC at Tills Crescent Stadium on Sunday.

The side from Umzimkulu looked disjointed and far from being ready for the match as rampant Sunflower ran riot.

The 23-year-old center back who helplessly watched her team being humiliated with an avalanche of goals told FARPost that they need every kind of support they can get.

“Fitness is a challenge for us and there was no communication. We were a bit frightened since we’ve not played for quite some time,” she said.

“We enjoy playing football and it’s all fun being on the field. We need to keep on pushing and find time to understand each other and also have synergy as players ”

“We really need support from every corner and all the structures of football. I wish we can be given time and opportunities to showcase our talent and be supported where we lack.

“Our goal as a team is to be successful, to grow and become better players so that we can have players playing overseas from our team,” continued Mgcina.

“We need to train hard and take lessons from everything that has happened in our team. In the next matches we must improve and avoid losing, it all depends on us,” she added.

By Wonga Sirayi

FARPost’s KZN Reporter