Gumede says women have a point to prove


Lindelani Ladies FC captain Londeka Gumede believes women in football have a point to prove in order to be  given the same respect that men get.

The 23-year-old central midfielder whose team plays in the Sasol KwaZulu Natal League is determined to defy the odds and become a force to be reckoned with.

She told FARPost that her team is ready for the season and all they want is to get promotion to the national league, where she believes their capabilities will be tested.

“We are definitely ready, we’ll keep on pushing and trying until we make it, we’ll get it right at the end,” she said.

“If we continue to showcase our talent and capabilities people will give us attention. We have to prove to everyone that we deserve their attention and support.

“The way I  see things, there’ll be a lot of changes, we’ll succeed this season and we’ll get to the Sasol National League so that we can get overseas offers,” said Gumede.

The Ntuzuma-born player has her eyes on winning promotion to the national league with her team, then she can think about individual accolades. “I’m hoping to help my team to get promotion to the national league, we must stay there because that’s where we belong.

“I need to to make sure that I improve on my game and train harder so that I can be able to lead and help my team.

“I trust my team and they have proven that they are willing to give everything for the team, so I believe we are fighting for one goal,” added Gumede.

By Wonga Sirayi

FARPost’s KZN Reporter

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