Heung-Min Son one of top five in his class as he completes military training


Tottenham forward Heung-Min Son has completed his three-week basic military training in South Korea, finishing in the top five out of 157 people in his class.

The 27-year-old entered the Marine Corps training camp on April 20 for a basic training period that he undertook while the Premier League was suspended.

Social distancing restrictions are still in place in South Korea which meant Son’s graduation ceremony, held Friday morning was closed to the public but that didn’t stop dozens of fans waiting for him outside.

South Korean media reported that Son was presented with an award given to the top five performing trainees in the group of 157, and achieved a perfect record in shooting.

He was fulfilling requirements of the military service exemption he earned by winning the gold medal for South Korea in the soccer tournament at the Asian Games in 2018.

Without the exemption, he would have been required by law to serve 21 months.

After basic training, he still has community service obligations to finish by 2023 to complete all military duties.

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