Highlands’ Fitness trainer Conley – excelling and growing


Highlands Park is arguably the fittest team in the Premier Soccer League (PSL), and it is mainly because of Simone Conley who works alongside head coach Owen Da Gama and the technical team to ensure the players are sharp and fit.

Despite excelling at her job, Conley, the first and only fitness and conditioning trainer in the Absa Premiership says she is still learning and growing in the fitness industry

“People do say that Highlands Park is one of the fittest teams and I am honoured and grateful for that compliment,” Conley told Gsport.co.za

“I am responsible for their fitness but I am still learning, I’m still compiling methods and growing within this industry.” – Conley. Picture courtesy of Simone Conley (Instagram).

“So, I can’t say what I am doing is one hundred percent solid but I think I have found a periodisation model that works for this team.

Conley holds a BCom Sports Management Degree and a Master’s Degree in Biokinetics and worked with Bafana Bafana and South African junior national teams before joining Highlands in the 2017/18 PSL season.

The well respected and praised fitness trainer went on to explain the types of programmes she has in place to ensure the Highlands’ hardworking players are in good shape and always ready for a challenge.

“Right now in terms of the types of programmes I can’t really describe them to you but what it basically is about is the periodisation, a load and recovery methods of sports science if you understand that then that’s how you get fit.

“Loading continuously will not get you fit. You can’t train at the same tempo every day; the tempo must vary from medium load to high load to low load to rest days and that is basically the recipe that I use,” she added. Picture courtesy of Simone Conley (Instagram).

The PSL has been suspended until further notice due to the coronavirus pandemic and the national lockdown has been extended by another two weeks, from the 16th to the end of April.

The 31-year-old fitness trainer is still committed to keeping the Tembisa based outfit players in shape and healthy amid the lockdown period.

“This is a challenging time and it’s not easy…I ’ve opted to deal with the prescription of programmes daily because I do not know when the lockdown is going to end, and we also don’t know when after lockdown we will play a game.

We are doing online sessions where I can see our players doing the workout, I can guide them, facilitate, I can see the intensity and then plan for the next day,” said Conley who also worked with the Lions rugby team at U19 and U21 level.

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