HM Pitje Stadium to be demolished


The plans of rebuilding the historic HM Pitje Stadium have been placed on hold due to the City of Tshwane being put under administration by the Gauteng government because of ongoing mismanagement.

The Tshwane municipality is planning to return the Mamelodi West based Stadium to its former glory.

In 2019 the Gauteng Department of Sports, Arts, Culture and Recreation submitted a plan to the City of Tshwane to demolish the existing structure and rebuild it into a modern Stadium.

HM Pitje, the former home of Mamelodi Sundowns has not seen any professional football since 2005, despite receiving R20 million for its refurbishment.

The upgrade was supposed to be part of the 2010 FIFA World Cup legacy.

“At the moment my brother there’s nothing that can happen because the City is under administrate,” the municipality’s Department of Sports and Recreation official Jappie Motale told FARPost.

“Ja there was a progress that was developing, a positive one, even the MEC went and address the public.

“I think they were in the process of starting to demolish the Stadium. According to them they will need to demolish it and rebuild it.

“Obviously if you wanna do a proper Stadium you have to demolish it, you can’t renovate it, that Stadium is not up to scratch.

“The stands there are made of steel so they need to put proper stands of cement and chairs,” added Motale.

Asked if demolishing the stadium meant the whole R20 million that was used to refurbish the it went down to the drain, Motale said, “It did build something but not very well.

”It’s not like it vanished into thin air. It’s not like they didn’t do anything at all.”

By Musa Nhlapo 

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