How to help Lekgwathi re-build his restaurant


If there is one thing South Africans are known for, it’s their spirit of Ubuntu!

And in a beautiful show of Ubuntu, some kind-hearted citizens have vowed to come together to lend a helping hand to former Orlando Pirates captain Lucky Lekgwathi, whose restaurant was destroyed by protesters on Monday.

Lekgwathi’s fast food restaurant Grootman in Kliptown, Soweto is one of the many businesses which fell victim to the senseless looting and chaos that has unfolded in Gauteng over the last few days.

The Pirates legend opened the restaurant in April and the fast-food joint has four employees.

Lekgwathi shared a video and pictures on Instagram of his vandalised restaurant, captioned; “I leave everything to the Almighty God.”

According to the two-time treble-winner, “everything was stolen and destroyed”, from tables, appliances, and tables.

“It took us four to five months to make the shop but for the looters it only took them 30 seconds to destroy the shop,” Lekgwathi told Newzroom Afrika on Wednesday morning.

“We put in a lot of work hard, travelling to Kliptown everyday. They took all the equipment, in fact they stole it, everything, it was sad.”

The 44-year-old former defender retired back in 2016 and ventured into business with the Grootman restaurant and the ‘Fantastic 14’ clothing brand.

Lekgwathi has since revealed that the people of South Africa have pitched in to assist him in rebuilding the restaurant.

“It will be tough to get back up, the estimated damage is plus or minus R400 000 but because of the support of the people, especially from social media, it is so powerful. People asked me to create an account where they can contribute, the support is unbelievable and amazing,” added Lekgwathi.

“The calls I’m getting, my WhatsApp, I have over 400 messages, my Facebook and Instagram is full of messages, I can’t even answer all of them.

“Today I posted my foundation account number, the messages are great, people said they are going to send money so I can rebuild my store again. It is not only about Grootman and Lekgwathi but the people.”

*You can help Lekgawthi rebuild his dream by donating to the Lucky Lekgwathi Foundation.

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By Tokelo Mokhesi