I don’t know the rules anymore! – De Bruyne


“I don’t know the rules anymore, honestly. I thought if it was above the arm here it’s not handball anymore with the law changes.”

These are the words of a frustrated Manchester City captain Kevin De Bruyne who admits he is baffled by the current interpretation of the handball rule after Aymeric Laporte’s first-half equaliser against Tottenham Hotspur in Saturday’s 2-0 loss was disallowed.

The pitch-side Video Assistant Referee (VAR) monitor showed a Gabriel Jesus handball in the build-up.

The Belgian international is of the opinion that too many unnecessary changes are being made in football, particularly the handball rule, which has left players on the pitch confused when decisions go against them.

“I thought if it’s above the arm here [above the bottom of the sleeve] that it’s not handball anymore. Everybody knows that it hits him here. I don’t know the rules,” added De Bruyne.

“If you will listen tomorrow or the day after they will come on whatever channel and the referee will say it’s a good decision, so it really doesn’t matter.”

Defenders haven’t been able to adapt to the new rules as more often than not, they are found guilty of unintentionally handling the ball, with referees deeming their arms to be in “unnatural positions” even when it is virtually impossible to avoid contact with the ball.

Recently, Uefa president Aleksander Ceferin asked Fifa to change the handball rule, insisting that the current interpretation has led to unfair decisions, causing “frustration and discomfort” in the sport.

“I’ve been playing professional football for 12 years and in the first nine years, there were no rule changes. Now there are a lot of rule changes.

“I don’t know why. Football is a nice game. The people making the rule changes need to be in the game,” concluded the City captain.

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