Vusi Ntimane: I made a mistake and learned from it


“Every child that is growing is bound to make mistakes unless the child is doing nothing. I made a mistake and I learned from it”.

These are the words of Vusi Ntimane who returns to his position as TS Sporting Football Manager after he completed his 6-month ban.

Ntimane’s early return is down to the fact that three months was suspended.

“The 3 months is done. I am back (as TS Sporting manager),” an excited Ntimane tells FARPost.

His ban had been confirmed on November 20, 2019, and returned on February 20.

Ntimane was found guilty of misconduct in abusing, harassing and throwing the contents of an energy drink bottle at match official Mr Akho Ndzingo during a match between the University of Pretoria and TS Sporting on at Tuks Stadium on November 2.

“What a turn of events after being banned. You get to learn a few things and see who your real friends are. As human beings, we never stop learning.

“Thanks to the fans and many players for their encouragements and warm wishes every time I met them or via social media. Football is in my heart,” added the outspoken Ntimane

“To the Chairman (Slungu Thobela) I am lost for words, he even gave me a lot of work so I can forget the ban.

TS Sporting chairman, Slungu Thobela. Picture courtesy of TS Sporting. 

“The ban gave me time to read, interact with fans and scout players all over Africa. To the PSL, sponsors and fans who are the real owners of the game I sincerely apologise and thank them for making who I am today, concluded Ntimane.

By FARPost Reporter 

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