I never called Celtic chairman – Tignyemb


Ex Bloemfontein Celtic Patrick Tingyemb has refuted claims that he recently tried to approach the club’s chairman Max Tshabalala begging for his job back.

The 34-year-old is currently clubless and training on his own.

“No, no, no it’s not true, that I can assure you,” he told FARPost.

“I called the chairman (Tshabalala) because you know we had big problems a year ago, you know that? So after one year, I wanted to make peace, I was still at Chippa United. So I decided to call the chairman, to have a meeting with him.

“He said no. I called (Rali) Ramabodu to have a meeting with him he said no, then I sent Khumbulani (Konco) an email and he didn’t answer my email in the morning, then next day I called him and we spoke.

“The most important thing is that he received my email, and in that email we were just speaking as grown men you know, let’s forget the past. The thing was that it was in December and I wanted to go to the new year without having issues with people.

”So every year I’m doing the same thing with people who either offended me or I offended them. That’s why I tried to talk to them, to make peace and forget about the past.

“Let’s meet, let’s shake hands but with peace. That was the purpose of the email and thank God it worked because Khumbulani and I we are talking now,” said Tignyemb.

“We are greeting each other, we are fine, we share the WhatsApp we talk there’s nothing. Yes Celtic supporters they want me to come back, yes I love Celtic too much, if there’s a possibility to come back yes I will do so. But I never spoke to the management to say ‘get me back please’.”

The Cameroonian also took the opportunity to explain what really went wrong for him at Chippa United.

“No everything was fine, until they brought a new coach (Norman Mapeza) who said he didn’t want me. I heard news from the office that he wanted to bring a Zimbabwean goalkeeper from his former team, and some fresh guys also something like that.

“That’s why he wanted me out. So you can see that when he arrived he cleaned the house. So I had a nice meeting with the chairman (Chippa Mpengesi) because it’s someone I respect a lot.”

By Musa Nhlapo 

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