Isaacs happy with a learning curve season


After finishing his first season in fourth position of the ABC Motsepe KwaZulu Natal League, GWP Friends FC coach Dominic Isaacs is a happy man.

The Cape Town-born coach had put himself under pressure looking to win the league with his side, but came short towards the end of the season.

With his team winning their last match 1-0 against Ethekwini Coastal FC to solidify top four spot, the coach has revealed to FARPost that he has learnt a lot from coaching in KZN.

“It was a very interesting and nice learning curve for me, being in a different province with different people, I’ve learnt a lot being here.

“I’m very happy with the work that we’ve done in terms of philosophy and structure and all of these things. Not to say there was no structure before, but I came with something new and the guys responded brilliantly.”

“The league itself is not a child’s play, there are elements out of the football field that play a very vital role, in determining what will be the outcome,” explained Issacs.

The former Ajax Cape Town defender is positive that he will stay for another season to push for the league though he has not sat down with the club management.

He also believes the off-the field elements that play a huge part in deciding games are really causing problems.

“I’ll sit down with the management this coming week and we’ll have some discussions. But I’m positive that I’ll stay with Friends FC.”

“You hear about certain things up until you have experienced them, I was very upset when certain things happened on the field.

“You kind of try get used to them and try to prepare yourself and the team but it’s things that you cannot get used to.

“But anyway it’s part and parcel of football, we learn you know, if we want to become champions we have to overcome all the obstacles and work towards all of this,” alluded Isaacs.

The 38-year-old coach is however happy with how his team performed under the circumstances and it brings joy to him, to witness his philosophy bearing results on official matches.

“The kind of football that I wanted the team to play, there has been a major improvement, I came in a week before our first game and I was not in charge of the game.

“I know football is a process you know, it’s not like bread that you put in the oven and after 20 minutes it’s perfect.

“In football you deal with humans and they make errors and you try and limit the mistakes. The less mistakes they make the more chances of applying what you are doing.

“You know the goals we scored this season, I can honestly and confidently say these are the things we do in training.

“There is nothing more satisfactory than when you see guys applying what you have done with them on training and it happens in a game, concluded Isaacs.

By Wonga Sirayi

FARPost’s KZN Reporter

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