It’s good to move to Europe at a young age – Keanin Ayer


There are a lot of stories of South African footballers making strides in leagues all over Europe.

But the story of Eldorado-born midfielder Keanin Ayer is one that inspires a lot of hope for many of our youngsters with a dream of making it abroad one day.

Ayer was scouted by the Right to Dream Sport Academy in Ghana as a 12-year-old where he spent six years going through their development before moving to Varbergs BoIS in 2018, something he feels all youngsters should do.

“It’s really good moving overseas early because if you are in Europe at a young age you make mistakes on the field and learn. You also get used to the style of play, the high level of football and here if you’re good you can play at the highest level you don’t have to wait until you are 18,” said Ayer.

Ayer was an integral part of the group of players that made history by promoting Varbergs to Sweden’s top division last season and that lives in his memory.

“It was very important for me because I want to have a great story at every club I go to. It made it more special because this is the club’s first ever time in the Allsvenskan – it was a great feeling the whole squad felt very proud to have achieved it,” he continued.

The 20-year-old rose from a community with less opportunities but grabbed his opportunity when it came and he feels anything is possible in life.

“I just want to say to all the upcoming young players that talent alone isn’t enough you have to work really hard and you should never give up because dreams do come true believe me I know,” he concluded

Ayer has made 14 appearances so far this season playing as a right back and has assisted one goal so far.

Since last season he has been used to cover the right back position and he played so well that the coach has switched him permanently to that position.

But he insists midfield is still his favourite position. ” Yes I’m still a midfielder that’s my favourite position I enjoy playing there I like controlling and dictating the game so it’s temporary you know.”

By Prince Sobayeni 

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